Thursday, 3 July 2014


'Making a big life change is scary...
but do you know whats worse...regrets!'

It's a matter of fact, life doesnt wait for anyone. It can take you by surprise, which can change your life for the better or, unfortunately for the worse. Whatever way change affects you, it makes you a bigger and better person. Even if right at that moment you feel like you're never going to pull through - trust me you will!

I mean lets face it, if nothing changed we'd be bored right? For once in my life I am putting myself first, my dreams, my aspirations and my hobbies. Which brings me back to blogging, I've missed it! I can't believe I ever stopped, and let small minded people influence my decisions to give it up.

It's been a difficult road for me over the last 4 years, my life has changed considerably, I have lost friends, but gained even better ones, my family has gotten smaller but at the same time it is growing and I finally realised that being on your own isn't scary. Okay at times it's lonely and boring, but on the other hand it's fun and exciting. I have finally found myself and for the first time in my life I am okay with who I am.

Also I have a new addition to my family, who has not only impacted my life tremendously but cemented my real passion; children. Who'd have thought this tiny little lady would be the reason for me to blog again and finally find and feel real passion.

Everyone meet my gorgeous niece... Scarlett Jane.
So it looks like I'm back guys, don't forget to pop in and say Hi! I've missed you all...

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