Who am I?

Until a few years ago, I never thought of myself as a writer or a stylist for that matter.

I knew I was passionate about it, and had been from a young age. I also knew that my writing was pretty decent, an English Lit A level under my belt, and now a 2:1 Hons degree in Writing, Fashion and Culture pretty much cemented it, but I never looked at it as being a writer.
Skip a year and I have worked within the styling industry, retail and studio with a few internships in tow. Following my 'passion for fashion' but by taking a different route altogether, and finding a love for childrenswear. This is where Tiny and Chic was born, combining both my love of fashion and children, to a create an unique blog.

Writing is my release, the way to let everything out and to clear my mind of every lingering thought. I've tried blogging before, throughly enjoyed it and met many friends along the way but I just wasn't in the right mind set then to continue. My life has changed significantly in the last 4 years, from my first blog post. I have grown from a girl into to a woman, from a student to a full time worker and I have finally found myself and you know what? It feels great.

So jump aboard, and join me on my journey...I do hope you like tea!!